5 Amazing Benefits of Dental Implants

If you’ve ever lost a tooth through accident, injury, or disease, you know what a traumatic experience it can be. It not only affects your smile, but it can keep you from eating the food you want and lower your self-confidence.

Thanks to advances in medicine, dental implants provide an option to replace a missing tooth. Implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth, which gives them many advantages over bridges and dentures

At Portrait Dental, we have installed thousands of implants over the years. Here are five amazing benefits of this dental procedure.

1. Keep your bone structure strong

If you have a missing tooth, your jawbone will begin to lose its strength and density because the roots of the tooth aren’t there to keep it healthy and regenerative. As the bone loses density it begins to shorten and withdraw, giving your face a sunken look. 

A dental implant is essentially a replacement tooth root covered by a crown, which helps keep your jawbone healthy and strong and your facial structure intact.

2. Protect your oral health

Reduced bone density can also lead to infections, and implants help keep these infections at bay. Implants also allow you to replace the tooth without compromising the two adjacent teeth in any way. 

Partial dentures, for example, have clasps that can damage teeth adjacent to the gap.

3. Improve your smile

This one is pretty obvious, but one of the biggest benefits of a dental implant is that it magically makes your smile normal again! 

You can feel free to smile or open your mouth without worrying that someone will make fun of you or think less of you. This can do wonders for your self-confidence, as well.

4. Make oral hygiene easier

Oral hygiene is also much easier with implants than with bridges or dentures. With an implant, you just treat the tooth as you would any other tooth and continue brushing and flossing normally. 

A tooth-supported bridge needs a floss threader for good cleaning, while dentures require a multi-step cleaning process that includes removing them from your mouth entirely. 

5. Lead to better nutrition

If you’re missing a tooth or have dentures, you’re more likely to eat soft, processed, and less healthy foods to keep from causing further damage to your teeth. 

If you have a solid replacement implant, however, healthier foods like nuts and raw vegetables are much easier to eat.

If you’re ready to talk about getting your dental implant, contact the Portrait Dental office in Katy, Texas, by calling or booking an appointment with our convenient online scheduler.

A new smile might just be in your immediate future!

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