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I'm Nervous About Going to the Dentist: Can You Help?

I'm Nervous About Going to the Dentist: Can You Help?

If you’re nervous about visiting the dentist, you certainly aren’t the first person to feel that way. In fact, up to 20% of the American public is in the same boat as you.

For those who are nervous, there are several techniques and even medications that can be used to allay your fears. 

Here’s a look at how Dr. Minh Nguyen and his team at Portrait Dental can help relieve your nervousness about going to the dentist.

Why people are nervous

People may be anxious about heading to the dentist for many reasons. Some are afraid their visit will be painful, while others are nervous about sitting in the dental chair while they aren’t in control of what happens. 

Others may be embarrassed about their dental health and think they’ll get a lecture, while some may just be expecting a bad experience because they’ve had a rough time on dental visits in the past.


The team at Portrait Dental understands your concerns and would love to help you feel more comfortable about visiting the dentist. There’s one big step that has to happen first, though — you have to tell us you’re feeling nervous! If we don’t know your needs, we won’t be able to help you, but if we’re aware, we can support and strengthen you.

Use relaxation techniques

Before your appointment, take steps that will help keep your mind and body calm. Stretches, meditation, and deep breathing are all helpful to keep your body steady and centered. You should also allow plenty of time to get to your appointment and back to work or school, so you don’t have to rush either way. You can also consider bringing a friend or family member who can wait with you and keep you relaxed as well.

Sedation dentistry

One of the most effective methods of relieving anxiety is oral sedation, which involves the use of medication to help patients relax. These medications are usually members of the benzodiazepine family, which reduce anxiety by lowering activity in the fear receptors of your brain.

Options include sedative hypnotics, which relax your body (you might even doze off!) and anti-anxiety medications, which promote a feeling of calm and relaxation. Depending on the medication, you may take it before you actually get to the office for the visit, so you’ll want to let your dentist know ahead of time if you are considering these options.

If you’ve always been nervous about going to the dentist. Dr. Nguyen and his team are the perfect people to put you at ease. Just call the office, or use our online booking tool to set your appointment, and you’ll be amazed at how calm they make you feel.

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