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When Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?

When Would I Need A Tooth Extraction?

You’ve probably seen it in the movies — someone yanks a tooth out of someone else’s mouth using a pair of pliers.

You cringe when you see it, and rightfully so. Such an extraction would be incredibly painful, and chances are, that person didn’t really need a tooth extraction.

However, there are legitimate reasons you may need your own tooth extraction. Thankfully for you, Dr. Minh D. Nguyen and his team at Portrait Dental are skilled, caring professionals who only extract teeth using appropriate methods.

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket, and there are two primary kinds:

These are a few reasons you may need a tooth extraction:

To fix damage from tooth decay or periodontal disease

If tooth decay reaches the center (pulp) of your tooth, a root canal may be enough to keep the infection from spreading, but if the infection is severe enough, an extraction may be necessary to contain the infection and protect your mouth and the rest of your teeth. 

Along the same lines, if periodontal disease affects your gums so much that your tooth becomes loose, extraction may be an option because of the damage. 

To help an impacted tooth

An impacted tooth is one that is blocked from erupting out of your gums. This can cause issues with overcrowding and infection, so the best solution is often to extract the tooth to preserve your oral health. This is often what happens with wisdom teeth.

To eliminate overcrowding

One or multiple teeth may also need to be extracted to eliminate overcrowding and provide room for your teeth to come in properly. This often needs to be done if you’re about to undergo orthodontic treatment and need room for your teeth to move and turn, so they’ll end up properly aligned in your mouth. 

To treat trauma

If you suffer an injury to your teeth from an incident such as a car wreck or a fall, the first option is always to save the tooth, if possible. Solutions such as veneers, bridges, or crowns are often helpful, but in some cases, the injury may be severe enough that the only option is to extract the tooth. 

If you do undergo a tooth extraction, Dr. Nguyen can also discuss tooth replacement options to keep your jaw healthy and your other teeth from shifting. He and his team are ready to help you. Just call our office in Katy at 501-381-1621, or use our online scheduler to book your own appointment. Take care of those teeth!

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